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Zivaah Greens Pvt Ltd renders an unparalleled treaty protocols to one and all in terms of immovable, private, personal, corporeal and real properties that is inclusive of residential, commercial, mixed use, agricultural and special purpose properties. We assure the utmost value of revenue in terms of property trade. Our brand stands for incorporating conscious environmental factors in the concrete jungle of the modern day. We take pride in enacting, exemplifying, and exceeding the highest environmental standards which address the most pressing challenges faced by our nation thus believing in a social sustainable growth for all, thus Zivaah Greens since over more than a decade.

Our diverse verticals reflect our dedication to developing sustainable building ecosystems for Odisha’s changing needs. Invested in driving sustainability across every vertical - from the pioneering waste water treatment systems, to the responsible recycling of our construction materials, we endeavour to educate and empower all our stakeholders with respect to shared environmental obligations. We operate with the intention of placing real estate industry of Odisha at the global forefront of green innovation.

Mr Suman Biswal

Managing Director

A young, spirited legal practitioner holding a five year BA LLB (Hons), strongly motivated towards rendering to all fragments of the society a distinct and perspicuous property assortment. Being a social entrepreneur, he is a man of absolute dedication towards hassle free property acquisition, accretion and investments. Owing to the state of affairs in the light of estate discrepancies, Mr.Suman Biswal vows to elucidate such real estate into an elevated level of explicitness providing property asset for one and all with an ease of progress moving towards sustainable development.

Mr. Suman Biswal

Mrs Subhashree Sundar Ray


She holds a masters degree in business administration and law. Mrs Subhashree Sundar Ray is the first generation entrepreneur who has been successfully leading the business. She wears multiple business hats and steers the operation, management and overall growth of the businesses .She is collectively responsible for the Business development and corporate communications for the company.

Mrs Subhashree Sundar Ray

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